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Baton Rouge Area Redesignated to Attainment for the 2008 Federal Ozone Standard

Now it is officially official. The Baton Rouge area is in attainment of the 2008 federal ozone standard. EPA published their proposed redesignation of the area to attainment on November 4th and, after a period to take comments, published their final approval of redesignation December 27th. Congratulations to the Baton Rouge community!


30-Year History of Baton Ozone Described in Recent Article

A good summary of progress made in improving air quality in the Baton Rouge area is contained in a recent article by Mark Sather (EPA Region 6) and Kevin Cavender (EPA, OAQPS) entitled, “Trends analyses of 30 years of ambient 8 hour ozone and precursor monitoring data in the South Central U.S.:  progress and challenges” […]


Redesignation Update

DEQ has recently received a letter from Wren Stenger, Multimedia Division Director EPA Region 6, to Dr. Chuck C. Brown, Secretary of LDEQ…


2015 Advance Report Update for the Baton Rouge Area Submitted to EPA

The 2015 update of the Baton Rouge Advance Report has recently been submitted to EPA.  This joint effort by the Baton Rouge Clean Air Coalition, Capital Region Planning Commission, and Louisiana Clean Fuels details voluntary efforts to improve air quality (principally ozone and particulate matter) for the Baton Rouge area.  A copy of the report can […]


Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Allow Cost Effective and Practical Implementation of Ozone Standards

According to a March 17 press release from the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, a bipartisan bill, H.R. 4775, the Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2016, was introduced to allow cost effective and practical implementation of EPA ozone standards. In the release, it is stated that The Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2016 seeks […]


Amicus Brief Asks D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to Vacate EPA’s “Clean Power Plan”

Thirty-nine lawsuits seeking review of EPA’s Final “Clean Power Plan” Rule have been consolidated in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  On February 9th The Final Rule was stayed by the Supreme Court.  The D.C. Circuit is scheduled to hear oral arguments in the consolidated cases on June 2nd.  An Amicus Brief has been filed by 34 Senators and […]


Dr. Chuck Brown Appointed Secretary of LDEQ

On January 5th, then Governor-elect John Bel Edwards announced the appointment of Dr. Chuck Brown as the new Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.  Dr. Brown comes to the agency with considerable experience in environmental issues, including an appointment as Assistant Secretary of DEQ from 2004 to 2008.  Many of us with BRCAC […]


Obama Rolls Out Clean Power Plan

On Monday, August 3rd, the Obama Administration rolled out its historic climate rule as the “Clean Power Plan” (see article here).  The rule surprised many with changes that had been made from an earlier proposed rule.  The changes included steeper cuts from power plants, essentially a cap on use of generating power with natural gas, an […]


Louisiana Senators Sign On to Letter to EPA About Lack of Transparency In Social Cost of Carbon Estimates

Louisiana Senators Cassidy and Vitter have signed on to a letter from the U.S. Senate to EPA’s Gina McCarthy expressing heightened Congressional concerns with the Obama Administration’s lack of transparency and accountability in developing and updating the social cost of carbon (SCC) estimates.  The SCC figures into most of the EPA climate rulemaking.  The letter […]


BRCAC Submits Comments on LDEQ’s Draft 2008 Baton Rouge Nonattainment Area 8-hour Ozone Standard Redesignation Package

BRCAC has submitted comments on LDEQ’s Draft 2008 Baton Rouge Nonattainment Area 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard Redesignation Request and Maintenance Plan.  The comments letter can be viewed here.

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