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EPA Announces Baton Rouge Monitoring Data Meets Ozone Standards

In an April 3rd press release EPA announced that the Baton Rouge area monitoring data for 2011-2013 shows attainment with the 2008 8-hour ozone standard.  This “Clean Air Determination” by EPA is an important step toward formal redesignation of the area from nonattainment to attainment for the federal ozone standard.  This achievement comes two years ahead of […]


McDaniel Presents Air Quality Update to Capital Region Planning Commission

BRCAC Executive Director, Dr. Mike McDaniel, presented an update on Baton Rouge area air quality for the Capital Region Planning Commission at their March 17th meeting at the River Center.  McDaniel highlighted current attainment status for the federal National Ambient Air Quality Standards, including progress that has been made and challenges ahead, especially with the expected promulgation […]


Louisiana Biofuels Branching Out

A lengthy article by Ted Griggs in the Business Section of Sunday’s Advocate details a number of biofuel ventures in Louisiana.  Of particular interest is the diversity of different biofuels and technologies that are being employed in the ventures and the fact that some may be viable absent government subsidies.


EPA Announces New Standards for Sulfur in Gasoline

The EPA on Monday issued stricter emissions standards for cars and trucks that limit the amount of sulfur than can be used in gasoline.  The “Tier 3″ standards would lower sulfur content of gasoline by 60 percent starting in 2017.  More on the new standards here.


Recent Announcements Highlight Major Alternative Fuel Projects

There have recently been two announcements of major alternative fuel projects with relevance to the Baton Rouge area.  A recent Advocate news article highlighted an announcement by Waste Management that it will replace 40 diesel-powered trucks in its Baton Rouge fleet with those using compressed natural gas.  Additionally, Harvey Gulf International Marine announced it has become the […]


Baton Rouge Area Meets Ozone Standards Ahead of Schedule

The Advocate ran a front page article today by Amy Wold describing how the Baton Rouge area has achieved attainment with the ozone standard two years ahead of schedule.  The article was welcome news for an area long-suffering in ozone nonattainment status.   However, it would have benefitted from some perspective on just how tenuous the achievement was and the […]


Baton Rouge ‘s Tree Canopy Providing Environmental Benefits

There is a good article by Amy Wold in today’s Advocate presenting information provided by speakers at the recent Baton Rouge Green’s Arbor Day luncheon.  Some estimates of tree canopy coverage and air quality and energy benefits are provided.  The Baton Rouge Green program was presented in our recently released Advance report as an ozone mitigation measure […]


U.S. EIA Releases Online Analysis of 2012 Energy-Related CO2 Emissions

U.S. Energy Information Administration releases its online analysis of 2012 energy-related carbon dioxide emissions today. It indicates U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of fossil fuels were 5,290 million metric tons carbon dioxide in 2012, a decrease of almost 4 percent from the 2011 level.  Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions have declined in five of […]


Supreme Court to Weigh Power Plant GHG Regulations Question

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a narrow challenge to the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources including power plants.  The high court indicated it would consider only a single question: “Whether EPA permissibly determined that its regulation of GHG from new motor vehicles triggered permitting requirements under the […]


EPA Proposes Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants

On September 20th, EPA proposed Clean Air Act standards to cut carbon pollution from new power plants.  The proposal achieves the first milestone outlined in President Obama’s June 25 Memorandum to EPA on “Power Sector Carbon Pollution Standards”, a major part of the President’s Climate Action Plan.  EPA News Release here.

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