• Did you know?

    Ground-level ozone can have detrimental effects on plants and ecosystems. Find out more about the effects this can have.

  • Did you know?

    DEQ operates 15 air quality monitoring sites in the Capitol Region. Find out more about DEQ’s Air Monitoring.

  • Did you know?

    Baton Rouge area ozone levels are on a downward trend and that the area has achieved attainment with the old 1-hr ozone standard, the 1997 8-hr ozone standard, and the current 2008 8-hr ozone standard. The area’s 2014 ozone design value was 72 ppb.

Our Mission & Goals

We are a coalition of local governments, businesses, educational institutions, and civic and environmental organizations committed to improving air quality in the Greater Baton Rouge area through voluntary actions.

Our Goals Include:

  • Improve air quality through voluntary actions.
  • Create a public awareness and promote individual responsibility through education.
  • Provide credible measures of air quality improvement efforts.

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